Terminus : Yeoville

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Mainstream media mainly focus on migratory flows directed towards Europe and other Western countries. Reports on migratory flows within the African continent are a scarcity. Yet, South Africa has been a favourite destination for prospective African emigrants looking for the job opportunities lacking in their own countries, fleeing conflict zones or being victim of human rights abuses because of its political and economic stability. The country was the top world destination for asylum seekers between 2006 and 2011, according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Global Trends 2011 report. And despite the decline of the number of asylum applications since 2012, it still has today the second-highest number of currently-open asylum cases worldwide, right after Germany.

Many African migrants head to South Africa for a better life. After they land at O.R. Tombo airport, the majority asks their taxi to take them to Yeoville.

The neighbourhood was once a bohemian centre. But its white residents fled, following the fall of the apartheid regime, giving way to a wave of new residents, working-class South Africans and African migrants.

Yeoville has undergone a tranformation, and is different from the rest of the city, thanks to the Pan-African community that redefined its culture. It also stands as a proof of peaceful cohabitation in a country that has periodically made headlines for its xenophobia.

This essay tells the story of migrants trying to reinvent themselves and transform the space they live in.
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