SA Fashion Week 2017

12 images Created 22 May 2017

In South Africa, fashion has become a way to promote the Rainbow Nation culture and assert the new national identity.

Twice a year, the burgeoning fashion industry comes together to organize, attend and support the Fashion Week, happening in Johannesburg and Cape Town. The event is a platform to showcase the vibrancy of the creative scene. It is also an opportunity for designers, models, fashionistas, editors, students, buyers, attending to come out at their best, and make a statement: offer a modern, original, sophisticated image of themselves and by extension of South Africa to the world.

This series of portraits is the result of the coverage of the event, navigating between backstage and the rows of the runway. The first day, I immediately noticed how much people were posing to take selfies or have their pictures taken with their mobile phones, to post them on Instagram. So instead of trying to document the ambient frenzy, I made the models and attendees freeze and pose for me, and edit the pictures as square portraits as a clear reference to the way they tell their story and control their image through Instagram. I wanted to capture that sense of pride and assertiveness that they expressed through their behaviour and the clothes they wore and designed, but also how distant, inaccessible and fascinating this world seemed to me.
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