I See You With My Heart

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“I SEE YOU WITH MY HEART” is a multimedia project composed of a series of intimate portraits documenting interracial couples living in the Gauteng province of South Africa. It is complemented by audio interviews that convey their personal experiences as a mixed couple. It is one of the first documentary projects to examine interracial relationships in post-apartheid South Africa, and to explore the progress made and the challenges still faced by the South African society to achieve full reconciliation.

Mixed relations embody the late former President and world icon Nelson Mandela’s visible legacy of integration and reconciliation. In 1950 the then government banned “sex between whites and all non-whites “ by amending an existing law called the Immorality Act of 1927. Interracial relationships remained illegal until 1985. Today, mixed couples no longer need to hide their relationships and South Africa is learning to live with them. The diversity of reactions faced by mixed couples when mentioning or showing the “nature” of their relationship illustrates the progress made and the challenges still faced by a society that is still healing the scars left by the apartheid system.

As some mixed couples see their relationships accepted and embraced by their families and entourage, in other cases, being in a interracial relationship is not only an act of love but it’s also a solid social statement of their belief in the new non-racial, unsegregated South Africa.. Freedom came to South Africa in many ways, but this project wishes to emphasize the freedom of being able to love without prejudice.

The audio interviews of the couples can be heard at https://soundcloud.com/user-473547824/sets/i-see-you-with-my-heart
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